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About Us

The Station

KAYA FM reflects the lives of the predominantly black, urban listener between the ages of 25 – 49 living in Gauteng. The station broadcasts both music and talk. KAYA FM 95.9 broadcasts in English on the FM frequency signal 95 (Dot) 9, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The current listenership stands at 515 000 per average day and 897 000 per average 7 days. The music format offers a diverse and soulful mix of adult contemporary music to smoother sounds like R&B, World Music and Soul and Jazz. KAYA FM 95.9 is a rich mix of music, news, sport and topic-driven features. The core Kaya listener is Afropolitan: a mature, sophisticated, socially conscious individual rooted in heritage. The Afropolitan is a progressive thought-leader who is self-determining, discerning, well-informed and a player in the global environment.

The typical Kaya listener is:

On average 36 years of age.
Has an average HH income of R16 337
50% Female / 50% Male
In SEM 7-8.

Our footprint:

Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan area
Northern Boundary: Pretoria boundary
Eastern Boundary: Springs
Southern Boundary: Vanderbijlpark
Western Boundary: Carletonville

Why tune into Kaya FM 95.9?

KAYA is a mindset
KAYA is a vital enhancing formula
KAYA cultivates a well-informed audience
KAYA is today’s passport to tomorrow’s growth
KAYA is a place you can call home
KAYA will be here tomorrow with you
KAYA is African for the African in spirit
KAYA is the home of distinguished, discerning, and decision-makers
KAYA reminds us that we live in a great city
KAYA is home to opinion leaders, shaping the future
KAYA’s listeners can grow your business
KAYA is for distinguished business


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