Best T In The City – Should you look good when you are at home?

Does it matter how your partner dresses when you’re at home?

Do you wish your partner made an effort to look presentable at least? Or you don’t understand why you should make an effort when you are home and with no plans of going out?

Does it matter how your partner dresses when you are at home? This was the topic on Tuesday’s edition of the the Best T In The City.

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3TSpoons on: What it says to your partner when you don’t make an effort.


  1. You do it for others Not for them– the last thing we want to do when we are at home doing nothing is to apply make-up, wear a wig, put on that cologne or wear a belt however sometimes not being presentable can be off putting to your partner because it makes them feel like you only make an effort for the streets and not for them.


  1. It’s Not Sexy – While wearing old clothes is comfortable, we can’t deny that it’s just not sexy. Your man will be walking around barefoot, pants falling off his waist and the woman is wearing a gown at 14:00 ka Mgusha sitting in front of the tv with no care in the world.


  1. It Shows You Choose Comfort Over Appearance: Comfort doesn’t mean it must be ugly. Reality is we all have items of clothing that are in good condition, sexy and comfortable in our closets but we still choose rags all in the name of I’m at home.