Connie Ferguson mourns Shona: “Ours was a once in a lifetime kind of love!”

Connie Ferguson mourns
Image: Connie Ferguson IG

By: Natasha Archary

Connie Ferguson mourns her husband Shona Ferguson’s passing, expressing that she’s struggling without her other half. His 51-year old actress wife and business partner shared her tribute message to Shona who died on Friday from Covid-19 complications.

“Ours is a once in a lifetime kind of love. You and I were joined at the hip, now I feel completely off-balance, incomplete, without my other half! My SOULMATE!” – Connie Ferguson

Shona and Connie were planning their 20th wedding anniversary and according to Connie often joked about how they would spend their old age.

The couple shared a love story that seemed to be a movie script, which was fitting for the filmmaking duo who built a legacy in the SA film and television industry.


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“SHO, my ANGEL, my LOVE, my SKAT, my LAAITIE. We share a once in a lifetime kind of love, a love like no other that surpasses all understanding! A love that outlives even death!”

Shona had previously spoken about how it was love at first sight after he met Connie and she was just as smitten, sharing how he had owned her heart from the day they met 20 years ago today (31 July), where he will live until they meet again!

News of Shona’s passing shocked the country after news he had been hospitalised earlier in the week. South Africans were praying for his recovery but on Friday the family confirmed that he was no more.

The family has asked for privacy as Connie Ferguson mourns Shona together with her family. Thoughts are with Connie and her family during their time of grieving.