Connie Ferguson: “Mr Ferguson was the most underrated actor in this country”

Connie Ferguson/ Memorial service
Connie Ferguson/ Memorial service

By: Poelano Malema

The memorial service for the late Shona Ferguson took place on Friday, 6 August in Johannesburg.

It was attended by close family and friends and industry colleagues.

Amongst those who got to speak about the legend were Gail Mabalane, Mfundi Vundla, Sello Maake kaNcube and Tsholofelo Matshaba.

Shona’s wife, Connie Ferguson, also got to speak.

In her speech, she said her husband was the most underrated actor in South Africa.

“Mr Ferguson was the most underrated actor in this country. As a performer, as an artist, I don’t think we appreciated him enough,” said Connie.

However, she said she is grateful to see the love that millions of South African have for the late star.

“I think we are showing him appreciation now that he is gone, or we are realizing that we didn’t appreciate him enough. But here is what I am grateful for, I can feel that this Angel was loved by many. I can feel that he was revered by many,” said the star.

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‘The Queen’ star spoke about how difficult it will be to live without her husband.

“I miss him terribly in the physical. I think that is my biggest struggle,” she said.

“I still hope to see him. I still hope to hear him say “Skat, what do you want to eat” because he fed me. He made sure I was fed.

“I miss his big hugs; nobody hugs like my husband. I miss his big laughs. Nobody laughs like my husband,” said the star.

She also spoke about her dream to grow Ferguson Films – the company that she started with her late husband.

“If you think Ferguson Films is great, know that Ferguson Films is great, because that is my husband’s legacy and it is going to continue growing from strength to strength if I have anything to do with it,” said the producer.

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She further thanked Shona for loving her, saying he lived each day like it was his last day on earth.

“I thank God for you. I thank for loving me so much that he gave me you for 20 years. This man lived each day like it was his last day. He didn’t do anything in half measures. Everything he did, he went all in.

“That’s a big lesson for all of us. Live everyday like it’s your last day. Love your people like you may not see them tomorrow. Don’t have regrets. That’s the one thing I’m proud of – there are no regrets, just memories, beautiful memories,” said Connie.

Connie thanked Mzansi for the support they have been receiving as a family and asked that it continues.

“I thank you all for your prayers and your words of comfort. My family and I draw strength from that and I would appeal to you that you continue doing that for us, because the road ahead will not be easy,” said the star.

She ended her speech by saying that she loves her late husband.

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