Da L.E.S ruffles feathers with white party invite

Da L.E.S
Rapper Da L.E.S/ Instagram

By Tamlyn Canham

If you get an invite to Da L.E.S’ annual all-white party, then you better make sure your grooming is up to the rapper’s standards.

The 35-year-old is trending on Twitter after social media users dragged some of the policies stipulated in the invite for this year’s brunch.

Not only do guests have to “pull out the flyest sh** in your closet 100% all-white”, but there are also special grooming requirements.

“Haircuts, shape-ups, & clean shaves are a must” for men.

The policy for women is equally strict and dare we say very offensive.

“Hair-dos, waxing, manicures, & pedicures” are also a must.

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Uproar on social media

Many social media users slammed Da L.E.S’s “ridiculous” policy.

“As much as we laughing at these ridiculous requirements for Da Les All White party. It speaks volumes to how men treat us like a commodity. What does waxing my body have to do with attending your party. What exactly is your intention with these women,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another woman said she was disgusted by the policy.

“The fact that it’s compulsory for women to wax is very problematic & predatory. Sies.”

Da L.E.S apologises for ‘inappropriate’ requirements”

Da L.E.S took to Twitter to apologise following the backlash.

He told his fans that he did not see the poster that was sent out on Monday night.

“I’m sorry for the poster sent out by promoters tonight. Neither @Saso-DT nor myself had seen or signed off “policy”. As we didn’t post it.

“Sincere apologies for the inappropriate requirements for our All White Brunch. That’s not how we roll.”

Saso, who is co-hosting the brunch with Da L.E.S,  also apologised.


Main image credit: Instagram/@2freshles