Geekulcha invites you nominate young geniuses for the Top 15 Young Geek initiative

Geekulcha is where the young, skilled, creative and ambitious tech minds meet to connect share knowledge, collaborate on projects, network with industry leaders, obtain training to further improve and enhance their skills, and to put those newly acquired skills to work. The platform has over 15 800 techies and innovators across Africa.

Speaking to Kaya Breakfast, Mixo Ngoveni who is the CEO of Geekulcha spoke about how important it is for more young people to have access to technology to better their lives.

“Digital Skills are quite key in the fourth industrial revolution, there’s quite a lot of young people in previously marginalised areas that are not digitally connected, who don’t know how to use the computer, who don’t know the importance of internet safety, who also don’t know how important it is to be a player in the digital economy.”


Top 15 Young Geek initiative

Ngoveni also spoke about their current initiative aimed at young people who are doing well in the digital space who don’t get the recognition they deserve. The initiative is aimed at the promotion of innovation and creativity across the country.


“The beauty about this is that there is a nomination process, the nomination could find someone sitting as far as Giyani, who has identified someone young who is doing something that impacts their community.”


Geekulcha’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the South African tech ecosystem is competitive and builds  ingenious technological solutions.

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Nominate a geek


Do you know of a very cool genius who has been doing amazing work in the digital space in your community in the previous year? Nominate them for the Geekulcha Top 15 Young Geeks in South Africa for the year 2021.


To nominate a genius in your community, click here