Generous customer leaves R6,000 tip for restaurant staff

A generous customer left a R6, 000 tip for Simply Asia staff
A generous customer left a R6, 000 tip for Simply Asia staff/Instagram

By Tamlyn Canham

While many people begrudgingly add a 10% tip when they receive their restaurant bill, a generous customer in Cape Town decided to leave a R6,000 tip.

The customer is a regular at Simply Asia in Durbanville. The restaurant shared an “appreciation post” thanking the customer for their support.

“Our Durbanville store was in for a big surprise and treat when one of our loyal customer’s left a R500 tip for each staff member on duty. A total of R6000. We are grateful for the generous contribution made to the store and staff during these difficult times.”

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One Twitter user said the tip should go to the person who served the customer. Another tweep implied that the staff would not get a cent of the money.

But Simply Asia set the record straight.

“That’s not how we roll. The anonymous tipper requested that the waiter confirm how many people [were] on duty during the Friday dinner rush and instructed that the R6000 tip should be split accordingly. The tip was split accordingly…”

Hope in humanity 

The majority of people who commented on the restaurant’s Facebook post praised the customer for his/her generosity.

“Very nice… gives me hope in humanity again…. kudos for sharing at this trying time too,” one woman wrote.

“Awesome! I paid my law studies with tips,” another Facebook user commented

A third person wrote: “What makes this special is that he did this under the radar not expecting it to be shared…”

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