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Homeschooling or trusting the infamous South African education system

14 Feb 2019 EDUCATION

By Zuko Komisa

Parents across the world share common concerns. They ask themselves, Are my children equipped with the right knowledge to prepare them for the world? They wonder if the education systems support their children’s unique abilities.

In South Africa, it’s has become an option for many parents to homeschool their children based on the failing education system that isn’t highly rated by international standards. Other factors also include parents’ concerns over their children’s safety, the continually rising cost of education which goes up by 10% every year.

Homeschooling advocates for doing that which is best for your child, which in many instances, takes the stress away from parents.

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Considering homeschooling? Well, it could be the best option for your child; with a massive support network and the pool of online material for your child at your disposal. Homeschooling has also been made popular by the complex government system of placing children in schools, which has left many parents without a proper school to take their kids.

Mapaseka Mokwele was in conversation with Louise Schoonwinkel, GM of Impaq, a subsidiary of FutureLearn Group on whether and asked Afropolitans if they would consider homeschooling for their child.