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no responses. 30/01/2019 Motlagae Konyana

Zamimpilo residents appeal for housing as Mashaba delivers toilets

By Kaya News Zamimpilo residents are appealing with the City of Joburg to speed up the pace of housing service […]


no responses. 23/01/2019 Motlagae Konyana

[IN PICTURES] Amcu marches to Sibanye-Stillwater

By Tunica Jegels   Amcu led a march to the Johannesburg city and the workers handed over a memorandum of […]


no responses. 23/01/2019 Motlagae Konyana

Protect children’s rights for a better society

By Mbali Dhlamini Government is continuing its call for South Africans to take an active role in efforts to try […]


no responses. 22/01/2019 Natasha

What needs to be done to stop Zimbabwe’s violent meltdown

By: Tapiwa Chagonda, University of Johannesburg Protesters block a major road leading into centre of Zimbabwe’ capital Harare. EPA-EFE/Aaron Ufumeli […]


no responses. 15/01/2019 Natasha

Technical task teams formed to address the Foot and Mouth disease outbreak

By: Katlego Legodi   Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Senzeni Zokwana has called for calm following an outbreak of […]


no responses. 13/11/2018 Natasha

Muckracking journalists who shaped southern Africa over three centuries

By: Anton Harber, University of the Witwatersrand New book extends the canon of investigative journalism from 1706 through to 2017. […]


no responses. 06/11/2018 Natasha

How innovation can help end the AIDS epidemic by 2030

By: Glenda Gray, South African Medical Research Council The WHO recommends HIV viral load testing to monitor people on ARVs. […]


no responses. 17/07/2018 Natasha

Obama and active citizenship: why his Mandela address matters

By: Aaron X. Smith, Temple University Former US president Barack Obama delivers a speech in Kenya ahead of his visit […]


no responses. 26/06/2018 Natasha

South Africa must focus on its kids to meet UN development goals targets

By: Winnie Sambu, University of Cape Town and Lucy Jamieson, University of Cape Town South Africa needs to invest more […]


no responses. 12/06/2018 Natasha

Why Africa stands to benefit if rise in global temperatures is kept to 1.5°C

By: Shingirai Nangombe, Chinese Academy of Sciences It would be in Africa’s best interests to limit a rise in global […]


no responses. 16/04/2018 Trinisha

Kaya FM shines at Liberty Awards

Kaya FM shines at Liberty Awards  The night was a buzz at this year’s Liberty Radio Awards held at the […]



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