Liesl Laurie on suffering with COVID-19

Musa and Liesl/ Instagram
Musa and Liesl/ Instagram

By: Poelano Malema

The latest celebrity to share her experience about struggling with COVID-19 is Liesl Laurie.

The former Miss South Africa told Jacaranda FM that she tested positive for coronavirus on Monday.

Some of the symptoms she suffered include fever and body aches.

“I have a fever on and off. There are times when I have massive body aches,” she told the radio station.

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Taking to Twitter, Laurie spoke about how the virus has affected her and her partner, Dr Musa Mthombeni.

“For about 18 months my Medical Doctor has managed to steer clear of the dreaded Covid-19 virus but a couple of days ago he (read we) tested positive,” she wrote.

She said it has been tough, but her partner is taking good care of her.

“What a crazy, HECTIC experience but as you can understand I am well taken care of,” she wrote.

The radio personality says her condition has improved.

“Today is a good day and with each day of this rollercoaster ride that passes I feel more and more like myself,” she said.

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The former Miss South Africa thanked all those who have been supporting her.

“We are on the mend and would like to thank all our friends and family for the prayers. We are slowly but surely healing day by day. Keep safe out there,” she said.


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