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how to achive new years resolutions tips

no responses. 17/03/2016 Nomali

Why you should start a club this year

By Nomali Cele You can’t say you are an Afropolitan if you didn’t grow up with the women in your […]


how to protect children online from cyberbullying

no responses. 16/03/2016 Nomali

How to Protect you and your child online

By Nomali Cele The internet has done wonders to improve modern life: you can be getting into your car on […]


fly by night colleges, fly by night colleges in south africa

no responses. 06/03/2016 Nomali

Education scams in South Africa: Fly by night colleges

By Nomali Cele Fly by night colleges are a problem in south Africa With the flurry of young people who […]


how to get new business in the new year

no responses. 10/02/2016 Nomali

Getting new business this year

By Nomali Cele New year, new you? Stuck on how to get started with your goal to get new business? […]


help if you failed matric, bad matric results

no responses. 12/01/2016 Nomali

Resources to help your teen deal with bad matric results

By Nomali Cele How to help your teen deal with bad matric results Every year,  people selling and delivering newspapers […]


fun activities to do with kids

no responses. 06/12/2015 Nomali

In the kitchen with children – Tips for cooking with kids

By Nomali Cele With it being the festive season, it is inevitable that kids will be in the kitchen with […]


how to give back as a family

no responses. 02/12/2015 Nomali

How to give back as a family

By Nomali Cele Ubuntu has become underrated in the world. With the bustle of the average Afropolitan’s daily life, it […]



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