Teacher suspended for assaulting Grade R child

Teacher beating up learner/ Twitter video screenshot
Teacher beating up learner/ Twitter video screenshot

By: Poelano Malema

Corporal punishment in schools is banned in South Africa.

But, sadly, some teachers continue to subject children to assault as a means of disciplining them.

Such is the case of a teacher from Nchuncheko Primary School in Soshanguve who was recently fired by the Gauteng Department of Education after she was caught on video beating up a Grade R pupil.

The incident took place last week Thursday.

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In the video, the teacher can be seen beating up the defenceless boy, while the victim hides his face.

She moved on to the lower part of the body and continued to beat him.

Following the incident, the teacher has since been dismissed.

“We can confirm that the disciplinary process which was instituted upon finding out about the video, took place on Monday 24 May 2021, and has been concluded with the verdict being in immediate dismissal of the Grade R practitioner,” department spokesperson Steve Mabona said in a statement.

According to several reports, the teacher had been teaching at the school for more than twenty years before being fired.

Image courtesy of Twitter screenshot.