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2 May 2019 careers-production Kaya-Careers

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We love a good culture event. But the best cultural events in South Africa always offer a little something extra. It’s not just a film festival or a design conference, these culture events in South Africa present an opportunity to dig a little bigger. Here are a few culture dates we’re looking forward to in 2019.


Culture dates: Design Indaba Festival (27 February – 1 March 2019)

The Design Indaba Festival is one of our favourites on the culture calendar. Concerned with making “A better world through design”, the festival isn’t just about the prettiness of art and design, it’s solutions-driven. If it’s innovative and pushes the envelope, expect to see it at this renown conference. From theatremakers and architects to product designers and creative educators, the Design Indaba Festival is where Africa greets creators.


Culture dates: Cape Town International Jazz Festival (29 and 30 March)

The CTIJF is a jewel on our culture calendar and has become an institution when it comes to cultural events in South Africa. The music extravaganza presents the best of local and international music acts, straddling the balance between Jazz and contemporary sounds.

The Jazz Festival is the place to go to see once-in-a-lifetime concerts and to enjoy special jazz deep cuts.

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